Corporate & Investment Banking

Financing the Caribbean’s Debt Capital Markets

Where do Caribbean Governments and Corporations go to secure debt finance? They approach the Corporate and Investment Banking team at ANSA Merchant Bank in Barbados.


ANSA Merchant Bank is a major provider for large scale finance and development in Barbados and the Caricom region. We have the capacity and expertise to support the restructuring, repurposing and recapitalizing of business growth in this new era of Barbados’s development.

Our customers include regional Governments, Corporate enterprises, Commercial entities, and Entrepreneurial ventures. We design our products to support both the immediate and the ongoing needs of our customers.


Corporate Loans *

Loans over $500K, where repayment is from merchant/commercial activity.

Commercial Loans *

Loans from $50K to $500K, where repayment is from merchant/commercial activity.

Revolving Commercial Loans *

Loans from $50K to $500K to facilitate working capital needs, inventory procurement. Facility must fluctuate monthly, quarterly or annually, based on the business cycle of the borrower.

Corporate / Commercial Loans under the Credit Guarantee Scheme *

Short-, Medium-, and Long-term loans for any purpose allowed within the Credit Guarantee Scheme for Businesses of the Central Bank of Barbados.

Corporate and Commercial Bridging Loans

Interim financing for merchant/commercial activity.

Receivables Loans

Loans from $50K to $500K to purchase receivables from well-established and financially sound third-party customers/debtors, based on the needs and business cycle of the borrower.

Investor Mortgage Loans

Loans to finance property, with repayment from rental income. Rental income to be discounted based on assessment of tenancy agreements, historical analysis of rental income and risk profile.

Corporate / Commercial Tourism Loans

Short-, Medium-, and Long-term loans in respect of hotels and enterprises in the tourism sector that provide accommodation for tourists in Barbados

Corporate and Commercial Green Financing

Green Projects we support include:

  • Various renewable energy projects
  • Solar farms
  • Wind farms

* These products can also be used for any purpose permissible within the Merchant Bank’s AML guidelines.

Global input for regional debt facilities

ANSA Merchant Bank’s global reach and reputation are highly regarded by our Joint Venture International Partners.

Issuers reach out to us for tailored and effective financing debt solutions, with terms that reflect the risk appetite of our investor base.

Our reputation for successfully matching demand with supply in the Caribbean is second to none.


Primary Debt Capital Markets

Investors approach the Primary Desk looking for opportunities to participate in Bond offerings as well as attractive Syndicated Loan facilities in the Region.

ANSA Merchant Bank syndicates sovereign projects of all sizes, as well as corporate growth initiatives and entrepreneurial visions.

Secondary Market Fixed Income Trading

The Corporate and Investment Banking team also manages a Secondary Market Bond Trading desk where they trade domestic, regional, and global financial instruments across all currencies.

The Desk is also licensed to create products for investment managers to include in their portfolios.

Why they come to us

Caribbean Governments and Corporations approach ANSA Merchant Bank for help with their funding requirements because they consider us to be a leading provider of structured debt finance.

Our Corporate Advisory and Banking services are among the most popular in the Region, and include debt restructuring and corporate refinancing, along with mergers and acquisitions.

Are you researching solutions or looking for opportunities?

We offer the best terms for financing a restructuring or growth project, and excellent returns in the regional debt market.
The Corporate and Investment Banking team at ANSA Merchant Bank has the depth of experience and global influence to partner you to success.
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+1 (246) 467-2350
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