Asset Financing & Business Banking

Finance that isn’t a burden on the liquidity of the business.

Asset Financing & Business Banking

Many businesses and individuals in Barbados are now focusing on investment and growth. Their challenge is finding suitable and affordable finance options for acquiring the assets to enable this growth. Finance that isn’t a burden on the liquidity of the business. ANSA Merchant Bank is keen to play its part in this growth by providing finance and funding for both hard and soft assets.

Our Asset Finance plans are designed to:

  • Keep cash flow flowing
  • Vital credit lines open
  • Working capital working


Different plans suit different business needs.

Hire Purchase (or Lease Purchase): We hire the asset to your business for regular fixed payments, with an option for you to buy ownership for a nominal sum at the end of the payment schedule.

Operating Lease: We offer this finance option for vehicles, machinery or equipment. You have the option to purchase at the end of lease, or simply return the asset to us and seamlessly upgrade to a new model.

Asset Refinancing: Some businesses wish to offer up an asset as security to release cash into the business or restructure existing borrowings.

If you need to access high-value items that will take your business to the next level, talk to us at ANSA Merchant Bank.

You can call our Asset Finance desk directly to discuss solutions that fit your needs.

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