Vehicle Loans


We’ll finance any vehicle from any dealer on the Island.

Vehicle Loans from ANSA Merchant Bank

Here’s how our VEHICLE LOANS have helped so many others:


New Vehicles

We’ll finance any vehicle from any dealer on the Island, and we give you more than anyone else:

  • No Deposit | No balloon
  • Express financing approvals
  • 1 year of free Insurance
  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

We’ve enjoyed an outstanding customer success record for over 40 years. YOU’LL HAVE THE BEST AFTER-SALES SUPPORT NETWORK ON THE ISLAND

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Pre-Owned Vehicles

Choose from our stock of superb pre-owned vehicles, or find one yourself:

  • Finance for superb Recon cars from Japan
  • Finance for a special deal at CarMax
  • We’ll finance a private sale of a pre-owned car (depending on age and condition)
  • Don’t forget to check deals on end-of-lease or repossessed vehicles in our Marketplace

Found a great deal? WE’LL FINANCE IT

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Smart Professionals Leasing

Are you a self-employed professional? We’ve got something extra special for you!

We can offer you the same perks and packages that we offer to companies:

  • Excellent terms
  • Preferential rates
  • Nothing down and low monthly payments
  • 1st year insurance free
  • On-the-road charges free
  • Free bonus gifts

Image is everything as a professional. LEASE THE LATEST AND STAY AHEAD OF THE GAME

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+1 (246) 467-2350
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