Treasury & Foreign Exchange

Risk, Return, or Liquidity – What Whets Your Appetite?

As you contemplate where to put your money to work, you first need to decide on your appetite for risk.

Treasury & Foreign Exchange

The Treasury and Foreign Exchange team at ANSA Merchant Bank facilitate the flow of funds worldwide in all major currencies for our Business and Corporate customers.

We deal exclusively with:

  • Fixed Deposits
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Foreign Accounts


Fixed Deposits

Do you have surplus cash?

Consider putting it into a Fixed Deposit investment instrument that gives guaranteed returns. It is a safer and more predictable way to grow your savings and manage your risk. You are protected from market fluctuations during the locked-in period.

Fixed Deposits require a one to three-year commitment, but they give a higher return on the dollar than ordinary savings accounts. Our Treasury experts at ANSA Merchant Bank have the experience and the data intelligence to help you make the best decisions on which Fixed Deposits give the best rate of return.

Foreign Exchange

ANSA Merchant Bank is a licensed Foreign Exchange dealer. We offer competitive rates on major international currencies, including USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and JPY.

Our mandate is to help our Business and Corporate clients with the foreign currencies they need to meet their objectives. Our customers depend on this liquidity to remain competitive, and we are here to help.

Foreign Accounts

Some of our customers hold USD or GBP accounts with us since their businesses require them to transact in those currencies. These foreign exchange accounts are essential for Barbadians conducting business abroad, including:

  • Importers and exporters
  • Lawyers and consultants
  • Agents holding escrow accounts for property purchases by foreign individuals or companies

If your business would benefit from a dedicated Foreign Exchange facility or a Fixed Deposit account, talk to us at ANSA Merchant Bank.

Call our Treasury and Foreign Exchange desk directly to discuss solutions that fit your needs.

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