As of December 1, 2021

Consolidated Finance Co. Ltd is now
ANSA Merchant Bank (Barbados).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What benefits will this bring for me as a current customer?

The re-branded company now offers individuals, businesses, and corporations financial support in vital areas of growth expected in the near future. We are in a unique period of change both globally and in our Region. We recognized this at ANSA Merchant Bank, and we are poised to be a leading player in Barbados’s growth and development.

Together we aim to build a productive and sustainable Nation - a prosperous home for the generations to come.

Why did the name change from Consolidated Finance to ANSA Merchant Bank?

Rebranding to Ansa Merchant Bank is the next phase of the evolution and journey of Consolidated Finance and aligns our values and our vision more seamlessly with our parent company. The Ansa Merchant Bank brand is a strongly recognized brand across the Region and we are proud to embrace that and create synergies that will ensure long term growth, sustainability and success for our Company and our valued clients.

Will I have to re-sign or re-apply?

You will not be required to re-sign or re-apply for any loans or finance agreements already in place.

Will my loan with Consolidated Finance be affected?

There will be no changes for our customers, and your loan will continue to operate as it always has.

Will the Board of Directors in Barbados change?

Our local Board of Directors have been participating in and guiding the company for years and will continue to do so under the ANSA Merchant Bank brand.

Will the local staff change?

All our local staff that you are familiar with will continue to work for ANSA Merchant Bank.